Jan 2, 2015

C1 Rotation Exercise Left and Right Sides

Mechanical Symptoms
Headaches- often involving the base of the skull, and referring to the sides of the head and around the sinuses.
Migraines, often with marked agitation and nausea.
Neck pains and stiffness and difficulty finding a comfortable position on the pillow at night.
Sometimes crackling or grating noises at the base of the skull when turning the head. Often there are associated shoulder pains, especially between the shoulder blades.
Jaw joint pains or dysfunction. Clicking jaw.
Chest wall pain- due to the distortion of the ribcage
Low back pain and/or disc injuries due to abnormal posture.
Nerve root irritations at any level.
Pains or injuries in one hip, knee or ankle, often repeated injuries to one side of the body.
Patients may be told they have one leg shorter than the other.

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